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Environmental, social and governance criteria (including sustainability “ESG”) is only one of many considerations that Vistria takes into account when making investment decisions when Vistria believes that can enhance long-term value, and other considerations can be expected in certain circumstances to outweigh ESG considerations. In connection with making an investment, Vistria will consider some but not all ESG criteria or standards and will consider different ESG criteria in connection with different investments. Vistria does not pursue an ESG-based investment strategy or limit its investments to those that meet specific ESG criteria or standards. Applying ESG investing goals to investment decisions is qualitative and subjective by nature, and there is no guarantee that the criteria utilized by Vistria or any judgment exercised by Vistria will reflect the beliefs or values of any particular investor.  Any reference herein to ESG considerations is not intended to qualify Vistria’s duty to maximize risk-adjusted returns for Fund investors. Accordingly, certain investments may exhibit characteristics that are inconsistent the initiatives, standards, or metrics described herein.

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