We hoped 2022 would see the end of the pandemic and a return to some semblance of normalcy, but instead we have been confronted yet again with stark challenges for our country and the world.

Vistria Message from the CEOs Kip and Marty

There has been no shortage of sadness, anger, and concern as the war in Ukraine, horrific gun violence in the U.S., a devolving political discourse, the rising consequences of a warming planet, and a challenging economy all unfolded before our eyes.

But there are also bright spots. Innovative entrepreneurs remaking industries, new technologies redefining possibilities, and a bevy of opportunities in need of our time, talent, and treasure. They all have the potential to greatly improve our society, economy, and planet.

Now more than ever, we believe private capital will play a central role in rebuilding an economic system that responds to the challenges ahead and works for all. The future of capitalism as we know it relies on a steadfast commitment by managers of private capital to actively underwrite, measure, and manage impact imperatives. Together, we can change the world for the better and keep delivering value for our investors.

For Vistria, 2021-2022 was all about scale and institutionalizing investment for impact. To do so, we:

  • Began putting our $2.68 billion Flagship Fund IV to work, catalyzing impact across healthcare, knowledge and learning solutions, and financial services through 9 new platforms
  • Enhanced our theme development process and team to capture new opportunities within our sectors
  • Expanded the scope of our Education vertical to Knowledge & Learning Solutions, in recognition of the trend toward lifelong learning and demand for broad workforce upskilling
  • Expanded the Vistria Portfolio Resources Group, bolstering its core and adding new subject matter experts to ensure our portfolio companies have the support they need to accelerate and strengthen their growth trajectory
  • Convened numerous thought leadership events – including the inaugural DC Policy Summit – to engage our entire ecosystem in dialogue about the impact opportunity at the intersection of the public and private sectors

We also continued to push the envelope on what it means to build a next generation investment firm.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords at Vistria. DEI is in our DNA. Beyond our Board diversity commitments, every portfolio company has a diversity, equity, and inclusion plan and every investment out of our recent funds has a management incentive plan to encourage performance on diversity. This commitment is at the heart of our investment thesis, as we believe diversity gives us an edge in achieving outsized financial outcomes for our investors.

We continue to incorporate impact at every stage of our investment lifecycle, including as part of our value creation plans for all portfolio companies. Our priority is investing in processes that ensure rigor, accountability, and systems that should endure well beyond our ownership.

Further, we have embraced innovation at every level. We were invited to invest, advise, and beta-test the Novata impact measurement technology platform, which has now been implemented across our portfolio. The software is helping us build on our commitment to leverage data insights to prove our impact thesis. We also are leveraging data in our Impact Laboratory, working with highly regarded academic partners, to help us develop measurement models to assess the relative impact of our investments against critical benchmarks.

While the overarching theme this year was growth, the enduring theme over the last ten is commitment—to our values, to our team, to our partners, and to our strategy. Now, with almost $9.5 billion in AUM, we have growing proof in our investment thesis – that we can deliver attractive returns for our investors while achieving positive outcomes for our portfolio companies, and the lives and livelihoods they support.

We remain hopeful for a brighter future for our communities, grateful for the progress we have made as a firm, and, optimistic about our shared future. Thank you for being a partner in this journey.

Signature of the CEO

2022 Impact Report

Year in Review 2022


2022 Impact Report

Year in Review 2022