Our Strategy

At Vistria, we are seeking to build a new kind of private investment firm that delivers both financial returns and societal impact. With almost $9.5 billion in AUM, we invest in carefully selected sectors that underpin a thriving society, including Healthcare, Knowledge & Learning Solutions, and Financial Services. Since our founding in 2013, we believe we have delivered attractive returns and consistent performance by partnering with management teams to improve outcomes for our portfolio companies, and the lives and livelihoods they support.

Building strong companies with positive societal outcomes is foundational to our investment thesis. This requires a new mindset: value creation conceived differently, delivering returns for investors as well as communities, employees, and consumers. This approach has been central to Vistria’s performance since the earliest days of our firm, and in our view, it will continue to power our future growth.

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The combination of our strategy, team, and approach enables Vistria to add value in five key areas.

These assets create powerful synergies that differentiate and advance Vistria’s impact practices.

*Certain statements made herein reflect the subjective views and opinions of Vistria and its personnel. Such statements cannot be independently verified and are subject to change.

Vistriaʼs impact practice is part of our differentiated value for investors.


  • Vistria is well positioned to understand short- and long-term policy trends, which can be used to inform theme development, due diligence, and value creation planning.
  • Vistria policy insights support the advancement of strategic positioning for portfolio companies, including impact management.


  • Vistria advances thought leadership in both policy and impact by leveraging its robust policy network for portfolio company advisory boards, policy Operating Partners, and through strategic events.
  • The firm’s thought leadership supports business development and strategic partnerships in our sectors.


  • Vistria incorporates impact into every stage of the investment lifecycle and leverages its unique perspective to advance impact oriented value creation strategies.
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Our Framework

Our impact framework seeks to support the evaluation, measurement, and management of impact across two dimensions: business conduct, and the measured impact of each company’s products and services.

Vistria’s dedicated impact team partners with key stakeholders to identify, track, manage, and measure relevant impact KPIs over the lifetime of each investment.

Vistria leverages key third party frameworks and insights from prominent experts in our network alongside guidance and expertise from industry-leading organizations to ensure meaningful measurement and management of impact.

Vistria’s impact culture supports transparency, excellence, and continued improvement. The firm believes public disclosure is critical to advancing this dialogue.

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Integrating Impact

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Integrating Impact

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Our Reach

Business Conduct

Our Reach

Business Conduct