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Artificial intelligence and machine learning in life sciences is spurring significant expansion of personalized medicine and specialty pharmacy and the development of life-changing or curative treatments.

Complex conditions often require highly specific and targeted medication management. As treatments are developed there is a critical need for support services that ensure effective education, delivery, handling, and administration to emphasize medication adherence, cost savings, and overall health and wellbeing.

Specialty pharmacy

In the U.S., 30 million individuals diagnosed with rare and orphan diseases face significant barriers to receiving life-saving treatments and necessary care. 95% of rare diseases have no FDA-approved treatment.1 Medication nonadherence is associated with higher rates of hospital admissions, suboptimal outcomes, increased morbidity and mortality, and increased costs. This is a problem in the U.S., where some estimates suggest a medical nonadherence rate of up to 50%.2

Other significant challenges continue to impede access to affordable, accessible, and equitable care and higher quality
of life for Americans diagnosed with complex and rare diseases:

10x higher

The burden of rare diseases is approximately 10x higher than mass market diseases on a per patient per year basis 3


of Americans with rare diseases report a inability to attend school and 62% report being unable to attend work 4


of those affected by a rare disease or caring for a family member with a rare disease experience financial challenges due to their own or their family member’s rare diagnosis 5

We believe Vistria’s investments in specialty pharma and compounding are helping raise the bar on quality,expand access, and provide life-changing treatments for patients.

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Provider of patient-specific compounded medications for individuals with intrathecal infusion pumps and other chronic conditions.

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A leading outsourced provider of ready-to-use, sterile compounded pharmaceutical products to hospitals and health systems nationwide.

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Specialty pharmaceutical distribution partner providing distribution, specialty pharmacy, and 3PL services for individuals with complex conditions.

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Patient access company facilitating patient medication adherence and access to life saving drugs and devices.

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Specialty pharmacy focused on orphan, rare, and ultrarare diseases that dispenses medication and provides a full suite of pharmacy and support services to individuals across all 50 U.S. states.

*New investment; case study 2023. 

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Steven Donegan

In 1987 I was injured on the job for the state of Tennessee. Since that time, I have been through 15 surgeries. I have had neurostimulators implanted, only to short out and [require] other surgeries to take those out and have others put back in. I have had every kind of shot, injection, trial. I’ve taken every pain medication you can think of. […] It was in excess of 10 to 15,000 pills per year I was taking. Constant pain was a way of life. And I will be honest and tell you, it was no life.

Six years ago, Dr. Yelameli with Nashville Pain Center suggested I try a pain pump. Within two weeks of the pump being implanted, I was able to quit all of my medication. Right now, the only medication I take is supplied through [AIS]. It has changedmy life. I now work part time for an apartment complex […]. To the people of AIS, I would like to say thank you for the service you provide. You have changed my life so much that I can’t even begin to describe it.

AIS Healthcare Patient

I find that AIC is a patient-centric company, where patients’ therapies come first. That’s why I’ve continued to do my business with AIC.


With BioCareSD we receive that hands-on, we care about you feeling. That feeling is backed up with a level of service delivery unsurpassed in our experience.



The Arizona desert is known for its “monsoon season” during the hot summer months. Havoc can be caused by the heavy rain, wind, and dust storms. During one of these horrific storms, a person was impaled by a tree branch, causing very serious injuries. A local hospital called BioCareSD with a STAT order for a factor product as part of the treatment for the patient’s heavy bleeding.

Within minutes of receiving the order, a BioCareSD staff member was navigating a vehicle through a power outage, low visibility, and flooding roads, to deliver the factor product to the hospital.

A waiting pharmacist rushed it to the emergency room where the patient was being treated.


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Healthcare – Home & Community-Based Services